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Updated on Tuesday, December 10


QUESTION: My 3 year relationship with my boyfriend is crumbling and I don't know what to do. It's been going on for a while now, but the stress is finally getting to me. We are each others firsts and don't know how to break up. Any advice?


  1. Be honest and do it in person are the two most important things I can tell you. The rest is about what you'd expect.

    You're not in a relationship in a vacuum, so he knows it's crumbling too. He might even be looking for a way out too. So, it might be a relief to hear that's what you want as well. Just sit down in a quiet place (don't do ti in public) tell him how you feel and that you think its time to end it and that you hope he understands. Be prepared for him to be angry or hurt, but hope for the best and try not to escalate it too much if you can help it. Then say your goodbyes and give him space. Be friends if you both want, but don't push him into anything if he needs time.

    But mostly you'll find a way to figure it out together. You've been through a lot, remember the good stuff, let go of the bad and just do what works for you.

    Good luck.

  2. If youve been unhappy for a while now, then the right thing to do would be to break up with him sooner than later. I'm a guy and having been in the same situation, a conversation, rather than a confrontation, explaining to him how you feel and why you want to break up would be the best thing for both of you.

  3. If you'd be happier out of a relationship then do it. No need to carry on with someone you don't like anymore because of 'history'.
    You're a whole person, not half of a couple!!

  4. Break-up. And do it like removing a band-aid.

    By that, I don't necessarily mean quick, I mean painfully direct.

    Communicate, be honest about your feelings and experiences, but most importantly be clear and direct. Don't lead him on about maybes, and possibilities.

    Like a band-aid you should expect that both of you feel a sharp pain, but it's momentary and fleeting when compared to a whole life.

  5. Sit down with him, and tell him you think the relationship is falling apart and that you think it would be best to end it now instead of going through a long time of stress and pain as it falls to pieces. You will both be devastated, but don't fall back to each other. Don't go hooking up with random people either, it can really hurt your ex. I can't say how long you should wait, but you will know when because you won't feel bad for doing it.

  6. Scared this is my gf/Hope this is my gf... :S

  7. Break up, but I'd wait until after exams. No need in letting the stress and all the bad shit that happens in a breakup affect either of your marks.