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Updated on Saturday, December 7


QUESTION: Is there a state where a person is on the verge of depression or any other mental disorder? I mean if it's chemicals that are getting screwed up in your head (no offence to anyone), wouldn't it make sense that there is an in-between level where you're not mentally healthy but you're also not mentally ill or have a diagnosable disorder?

If so, is there a way to stop it? I just always feel there is something wrong with me but not quite enough to get help, but it's always there, it's not like it comes and goes.. Actually, I do get moments of pure happiness for no reason, it feels good.


  1. Most mental illness is not a mental illness... most of the time it is people paying attention to the content of their thoughts. And while positive thoughts are of course better than negative thoughts, they are always subject to change depending on life situations. Observe the contents of your mind, and understand that the thoughts are from some sort of conditioning (recent or childhood)... If you really believe that the thoughts have nothing to do with it. See a doctor. It's always better to catch something at the early stages than get deep into it.

  2. That was kind of how I felt too before I got diagnosed with depression. It's also very hard since "official diagnosis" is a rigid list of general common symptoms; it's reliable but by no means one-size-fits-all. So someone can have depression even without fulfilling all the "requirements" or can not have fulfill the requirements.

    Biggest thing, is just make sure you have support. If you know you can handle your negative thoughts/bouts of depression in a positive manner, then you will be fine as long as you keep them up. Basically, if you are taking care of your mental health, then it's all good! It's the same with your physical health. Think of it this way: you catch a cold but do you see a doctor every single time? You know the symptoms of a cold and as long as you know the appropriate steps to take care of your physical health (plenty of fluids, rest, and sometimes drugs) then you're good. Same goes for mental health. If you think you need some help, drugs or not, seek it. If you think it's chemical base (which depression is sometimes), then drugs will just help with that balance.

    1. That's helpful.. thank you.. it makes sense I guess. I think I would be very depressed if my bf and family weren't so suppotive when I feel low or break down but even though they give me encouragment and love, I just don't feel like they understand.. well my dad is usually good but I feel like my bf makes me feel worse sometimes by trying to help as he tries to reason everything and make sense of it and clearly neither of us has answers ...

      Anw, I really hope it's nothing chemical, I'll try to take care of myself better and hopefully sum up the courage to talk to a doctor if it gets bad (I just don't wanna be whiny for no "diagnosable" reason)

    2. Yeah, it's really hard to explain to someone you just feel down "because" and reasoning it out doesn't make it better. I have a hard time with this since I know all the "reasoning"s myself, so when someone tells me them, I can't help but just say "I know but..." Unfortunately, if it is depression, it's really hard to understand. As long as they try to/still support you in whatever way they can. I'm glad you have support!

      I would rather you come out being "whiny" then to have it actually be an issue. Though I understand your concern as not all doctors are as understanding/un-biased/view mental health in a non-stigmatized way. I hope you have a positive experience if you do end up seeking out a doctor.

      All the best to you <3

    3. Thank you <3 .. very much =)