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Updated on Friday, December 6


QUESTION: Have you ever had an unexplainable guilty feeling after masturbation/sex?


  1. Male.
    Masturbation: All the time. Especially if I spend a lot of time looking for porn vids for a sesh/if those vids are a bit gross. I always think right after "Why did I need to do that", makes me feel like I'm just a slave to biology and have no free-will.

    Sex: Only once. The girl was less than stellar and I came to realize eventually that she was emotionally damaged and potentially used sex to try and help that. Only ever talked to her again to tell her we shouldn't talk ever again.

  2. Not really, only a slight twinge after I wipe my stuff off the SLC drinking fountain.

  3. OMG I was gonna post this exact same question in terms of masturbation.. I'm a girl and I frequently feel guilty after doing it.. It's that exact same "why did I need to do that?" feeling that 1 described. I wish I knew why it happened and how to make it stop. While I'm doing it I feel great, but when I'm done I'm like…….idk. This only happens when I watch porn though, not if I'm just doing it without anything.


    1. 1 here.

      Did nofap for a month. By day 20+ the wind would blow and my dick would get hard.

  5. Female. I used to feel really guilty after masturbating when I was younger, since sex itself is just taboo in my culture (on top of the fact that no one talked about female masturbation like it was okay/normal). I never use porn, since my libido/imagination are wild enough as it is (and the fact that porn is pretty gross all around for many reasons). Dirty stories are nice, but boring now that I have a boyfriend. I don't feel guilty after masturbating anymore, but that probably took at least 5 years to realize. Never guilty after sex.

  6. I used to feel guilty when I was younger (grade seven), because it felt so taboo, no one else I knew did it, and its not really something you talked about. For awhile, I thought it was something wrong with my body and had stopped for a while. Pretty soon these feelings would come back, and the guilt would kick in again.

    However, as I got older I realized that it was nothing for me to be ashamed about. Realizing that tons of other people do it made me realize that it was nothing wrong with my body and it was completely natural. It seems to stupid to compare as an itch, but that's kind of how I feel about it (a little bit more so).

  7. Male.

    Sex: Nope. Never.

    Masturbation: During Grade 6 or 7, I think I felt some guilt. I guess I thought it was pretty taboo myself. At one point, I started to think that I was "killing future children" by jacking it. And yet, I still did it because of the good feelings produced from it. Eventually, I started to become less of a prude and started to welcome sexuality. It would not be long until these feelings went away for me.