OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Friday, December 6


QUESTION: Is anyone here in an "open" relationship? Has anyone even been in one? How did it work? Was it successfully functional?


  1. 3 rules: Always communicate 100% honestly and openly (so no surprises), trust, and a willingness to close the relationship IMMEDIATELY if either partner feels uncomfortable.

    I have a main, long term parter that I am attached to for life. Whenever I have a crush he knows about it (way before a crush ever clues on to what is happening). If he feel comfortable with me flirting or anything beyond platonic, then I am free to go. I let him know what is going, and if he ever feels uncomfortable I stop immediately.

  2. In general, I don't know how it would work if you are younger and not ready to settle in the medium/long run because it takes a long time to settle into a comfortable balanced relationship with someone (let alone several people) and disturbing a delicate balance would be stressful. If you want, take a look at this video with many different examples of how people have found a balance in poly relationships: Again, examples where "everyone needs to be aware and cool with what is going on." A successful open relationship is complicated, but worthwhile and satisfying if you are cut out for it. If you just want to sleep around with several people, maybe you should just food around and not commit to a sustained and serious poly/open relationship.