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Updated on Friday, December 6


QUESTION: Is there a way I can get out of my one year lease? Can I get legally evicted by nonpayment and avoid paying for the months left until the end of the lease?


  1. I would guess that it would fuck up your credit rating fairly badly, which could be worse in the long run than just paying the rent. If you really want to get out of it, talk to someone at a legal aid clinic about your options. Also, if the place is uninhabitable (eg. serious mold, leaking water, vermin infestation) it can count as cause to terminate your lease, but again, talk to someone who knows the tenancy law before doing anything stupid.

  2. If you give a 2 month notice, you're good OP:

    1. Just FYI, this post is wrong. Two months notice is only for when you are at the end of your lease. If you don't give two months notice then you start renting month to month.

      Please don't comment with false info.

    2. Not true. A tenant is within his/ her rights to terminate a lease early if there is a valid reason.

  3. ^ I'm 99% sure that means that you have to tell them 2 months before you move out at the end of your lease, not that you can randomly break the lease in the middle of a year with 2 months notice.

    OP, don't do that without consulting someone who has more of a clue than an anonymous internet commenter.