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Updated on Friday, December 6


QUESTION: Anyone know how much science lab TA's make per term?


  1. They make 10.25 an hour, and they work 5 hours a week.
    10.25 x 5 hours a week x 4 weeks in a month x 4 months in a term so roughly 820 dollars

  2. i've been told by TA's that they are paid to work 5 hours a week, but really end up having to put in extra hours to get all the marking done though

  3. I was a science T.A this term and I can say what 2 said is totally true. We get paid jackshit but definitely put in more than 5 hours a week with meetings and marking and answering questions- not to mention the actual T.Aing part of it.

    1. Also as an undergrad, you only work 3 months- not during finals- so it's more like 500 something dollars. If your motivation is the money, do something else. It's not worth the effort.

  4. Does that mean for labs that run every other week you get less? Because I was thinking for applying for a TA position in the summer for one.

    So lets say a term is three months and there's 2 per month, so ~6 labs per term and still paid for 5h a week.

    = $307.50 ... shit

  5. Science TA here. Yeah, you actually don't make a lot of money and end up working way more than 5 hours a week. If you really want the experience, go for it. Otherwise don't waste your time!