OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Thursday, December 5


QUESTION: What is your study day like?


  1. Wake up. Study, eat, exercise an hour for good measure. Walk the dog. Pretty much 10ish hrs of studying a day

  2. Wake up, coffee, study, gym, sleep. And maybe some time to myself where I contemplate suicide.

  3. 9 AM - wake up, breakfast, shower, pack food, head to campus
    10 AM - start studying, taking 30 minute breaks ever 3-4 hours for food or fun
    1:30 AM - Head back home
    2 AM - sleep

    At least I get a lot of sleep...

    1. How often do you leave your belongings unattended on campus? Do you just bring your stuff with you? I'm always afraid I'll lose my spot if I do that, so I just pack up all my stuff and then come back, but the spot is usually taken.

  4. 2pm-Wake up
    6pm- no studying has been done and I do not know any of the course material
    9pm-12 hours until the exam, fuck
    3am-Give up and pray to all the Gods, Deities and Carl Sagan to implant knowledge into my mind
    8am-fall asleep

    1. +1 exactly my schedule for today ;_;

  5. 1-4pm: wake up
    4-8pm: do stuff on the internet, hopefully eat something, maybe work out
    Is exam tomorrow?
    No -> 8pm-2am: continue to do nothing, eat dinner
    Yes -> 8pm-2am: review some stuff, maybe break for a show

  6. Today: Arrived on campus and claimed an empty lecture hall at ~8:40.
    8:45-10:45 study
    time to listen to some song that was stuck in my head
    11:15-1:15 study
    scramble to plaza and get shitty subway sub. scramble back; thankfully my lecture hall has not been taken.
    2-4 study
    there is fucking nothing to do on the internet ever
    4:30-5:30 awkward one-hour study block
    dinner blah blah blah
    8:30-10 study admittedly less focused but seems inevitable when I break 8 hours

  7. wake up at 10:30, study 11-4, run, shower, eat a bit 4-5, study 5 - midnight, eat a lot, catch up on emails 12-2 am, sleep. This is good for 12 hours of studying each day plus exercise, cooking and enough sleep.

  8. I have no schedule. Ever.

  9. Aim to wake up at 1030am, actually wake up at 11am. Eat brunch, plan what I want to study, prepare the files/slides to look at. Do that for a bit til 3. Go over to my friend's (essentially group study) until 11-12pm. Somewhere in between: grab dinner. Then go home, shower, catch up on social media, sleep by 3am. rinse & repeat.