OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Thursday, December 5


QUESTION: If you've taken HIST 347 (Witches, Wives, and Whores) before, how was the course? Interesting? Fair?


  1. This course actually exists?

  2. Really interesting course and amazing professor. I took it the first year it ran so it was somewhat of a trial. It is A LOT of work. You cannot get a good mark without doing all of the assigned reading however after doing all the reading you will be so well prepared for the midterm you won't really have to study (from my experience). This course was a definite mark booster for me because the prof was so amazing she really inspires you to do well.

  3. What 2 said, it is an interesting course but a very heavy work load.
    In my opinion not worth it in the end to get a credit of equal value to less time consuming courses.