OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Thursday, December 5


QUESTION: Girl meets boy, get to know each other for a couple of months, go on few dates. Topic of the future comes up, boy gives girl typical bs of not looking for anything serious. They don't see each other for a month and girl moves forward with her life BUT boy keeps trying to stay in contact(via text/fb/skype). What does boy want from girl? (can't be sex as he never took it further than holding hands and can't be friendship as he knows we can't be 'just friends') HELP.


  1. honestly, he's probably just waiting for the next best thing to come around before you actually tell him to gtfo of your life. happened to me before, it hurts

    1. Sounds accurate. If he doesn't want to date you, fuck you or be your friend, then he's probably just keeping you in the cards "just in case".
      That being said, he probably just wants to fuck you.

  2. Could be just a self-esteem boost knowing that someone wants to talk to you because they find you attractive.

  3. Maybe he is interested in being with you but wants to test the waters before he tells you that?

    Due to circumstantial issues (long distance, big life changes, etc.) my boyfriend of 2 months and I broke up this summer. I really miss not having him in my life, so after a few months of no contact at all, I have reached out to him a few times. My intention has been to suggest that we meet to catch up, but he has been lukewarm in his initial responses so I haven't suggested it.

    You never really know- you could always upfront ask. You are sure to get closer to an answer that way as opposed to asking strangers on OMGUW.

  4. Probably sex. Just isn't confident enough to express it?