OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Tuesday, September 27


QUESTION: Where in Waterloo could I get a general blood test without having a family doctor?


QUESTION: I like on lester and my place doesn't have a laundry. What's the closest laundry place. I've been driving to quarters coin laundry so far this term.

Updated on Tuesday, September 20


QUESTION: What about UW makes you lonely?


QUESTION: What can I do with a mediocre average and biology degree?

Updated on Wednesday, August 17


QUESTION: Easy (light term work) courses offered for the Fall 2016 term?


QUESTION: What apps/sites do you use on your smartphone while having a shit?


QUESTION: I'm serious considering taking a year off. I'm finishing up exams for this term then I have co-op for Fall 2016. I'm planning to take Winter 2017, Summer '17, and then come back Fall '17. 

Does anyone have experience with taking a year off like this? Or advice?

Updated on Thursday, July 21


QUESTION: Is there a way for the school to extend the expiry on your watcard? In what situations does this happen? I'm thinking that if you take a course in the term it's meant to expire, maybe it would be extended, but I'm not sure.


QUESTION: How to not commit suicide when your future looks like sh*t and you have no idea how to make it better, no idea what you want to become, and just keep tasting defeat when you try to stand back up and go for things you want?


QUESTION: I have Coop in the Wintertime but the head said that If my major average in the Fall isn't 70+, I'll be removed from Coop. What should I do in terms of finding housing? Get a place only for the Fall and hope that I'll make it to Coop? HELP!!! I'll be in uW in the Summer btw... HELP ME!


QUESTION: Does anyone know what international orientation is like?


QUESTION: Petition results come out in a week or two, nerves are at an all time high now...

Anyone have experiences they can share to maybe help with the nerves?

Went through a lot in the winter term, including close relative death a few days before finals, depression, and many sleepless nights. everything is documented in petition.

failed, required to withdraw. Asking for repeat, no penalty. If I can receive no penalty, then I would be eligible to switch into cs.



QUESTION: Can anyone give opinions on the ERS huntsville courses? what kind of certifications do you get? also, do you just do coop interviews for the next work term via phone or skype since youre away?


QUESTION: What is the best gym in KW area for a fitness newbie trying to loose weight and tone up? Women only facilities preferred but normal coed is fine, personal trainers needed to figure out shit.

Updated on Thursday, June 23


QUESTION: I'm a student who's just a bit too old to match with the 18 and 19 year old chicks on tinder, but that's who i want to fuck. Advice?


QUESTION: Have anyone heard back from the Orientation committee regarding the O week leader positions?


Anyone at uwaterloo from mauritius?

Updated on Thursday, May 26


I ordered something online that said it would take 12-15 business days to deliver. After 30 business days, I got a refund because it hadn't showed up and tracking information hadn't been updated in three weeks. It's been over two months and it finally showed up, but now I've already bought a replacement. The original item was inexpensive ($10), what should I do? Try and get back in contact with the company and repay? Has anyone dealt with a similar situation?


I am a Masters student with a very poor relationship with my supervisor. He sets me up to fail and steals my ideas. I am so tempted to quit but am worried it will destroy my career (I want to be a professor one day). What should I do!?


What happens if I don't pay my library fines (~$20)? I will be graduating.


Hey everyone, seeking advice on meeting new people. I'm still single, already in my 4th year and because of engineering I basically know no girls. If anyone could give some suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated thanks!


QUESTION: Political Science student desperately seeking employment. Internships, entry level stuff all great. Any ideas where should I look?
PS: stripping is not a valid option.


QUESTION: Relationship Question: How do you know when your thoughts are no longer just whims but, rather, serious concerns? For context, I've been with my boyfriend for four years and, upon occasion (when he doesn't clean up after himself repeatedly or if he doesn't consider my feelings for something, etc.), I think about ending things but I immediately remind myself that these thoughts are products of momentary anger or sadness. So how do you know when what you're feeling is real and cause for leaving?

Updated on Monday, May 16


QUESTION: Hey everyone, seeking advice for a recent art graduate. I am an arts major, and seems like every entry level job has some sort of preferred requirement for data skills. For someone who has never done SPSS, Python etc, any advice on what you think the best data programming skill would be to have for an arts grad? I'm not trying to become a computer scientist or anything, but something that could make me more employable, as a lot of jobs these days seem to use some sort of data analysis! 

any advice would be extremely appreciated!


QUESTION: For anyone who worked at Influitive Inc on co-op before, did you get to keep that Macbook Air that's in the job description?


QUESTION: Anyone know where you can go to get keys cut? I need to make some spares.


QUESTION: I might be asexual. is there someone who i could talk to?

Updated on Monday, May 2



Is the textbook necessary to do well in CLAS 104 online? Or is the information already available in lecture.



Is it normal that I still can't see my grades on quest? In the past terms my grades were available way sooner.



Why are there so many antisocial injustice douchebags who probably sucked on their mommy's tits til they were six and are living off daddy's money on this site?

Updated on Friday, April 29



Has anyone taken FINE 130 or PACS 201 online? What was the course load like?



is it a racist to want a doctor of your race?



What you would say about geomatics?

Updated on Tuesday, April 26


QUESTION: I was wondering if anyone has ever fallen for one of their best friends? I'm a male and told one of my best friends that I had developed really strong feelings for her over the almost the last year. iPad hesitant to tell her because I kind of knew she wasn't wanting a relationship but I couldn't be in my own head anymore with these feelings.


QUESTION: I just finished my 1B term in Honours Economics and Business w/co-op, does anyone know if it is possible for me to switch to the Environment & Business program?


QUESTION: Where is the piano in the Nano building?


QUESTION: How high is the level of dance classes? Can it match up to the UW Dance Company? Especially contemporary, jazz and ballet.

Updated on Saturday, April 16


QUESTION: If you ask for a small tea/coffee at timmies and they give you a medium, do you usually say anything?

I just take it since I don't want them to go through the trouble of making it again..


Thoughts on Biol 241? Is it interesting/fun/easy? all of the above? none of the above?


Anyone have a class in the Optometry building then one in AL right after? Hows the walk


QUESTION: I'm currently under review for suspected plagiarism for a final paper. I misunderstood the formatting (being used to another form) and while I provided bracketed citations after every fact/statement/sentence and idea that required it AND provided a references page, I was under a time crunch and neglected to put in quotation marks.


Best yoga class at UW?

Updated on Monday, April 11


Are Asians in Browns for dating?


How bad is BIOL 273? My friend said it was the worst mark she's ever gotten. Is there a lot of textbook reading?


I'm curious, how do people get those "we live here" signs from Chainsaw? Seems like everyone has one in their window.


Is there a FB group for anyone going to Soochow University this summer?! (May-Septemberish) And if there isn't a group is there someone that wants to make a friend before we go?

Updated on Thursday, April 7


Where can I find the most shrivel-dicked, gutter trash man sluts of UW? Doing some research..


QUESTION: Anyone taken PSYCH 312 online before? Any tips for the exam? The 50% final is daunting so I wanna know I'm on the right track for studying.


Where can I find sadistic Asian girls?


Has anyone taken PHIL 201 online? Is it an easy elective?